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Chad Guilford, Team 24, Garage Town USA & MADCAP Racing Grab their 6th Win of 2014 & is Crowned 2014 CARC Champion

Photo taken by Mike Magee


  The 80+ members of the Colorado Auto Racing Club - CARC would like to thank you for visiting our website and giving us the opportunity to bring our rich 68 year club history to you.  We take great pride in the  heritage of our organization and the strong racing family culture we have developed over all these years.  We look forward to making you and your family a part of ours and it’s unique Colorado racing heritage.   As part of the fastest growing spectator sport in the country we like to think that our long racing history strongly compliments motor sports in our fine state.   Please take a few minutes to review our History page.  We look forward to seeing you at the races and hope you will consider becoming a member of the CARC!  If we can answer any questions you might have about our unique style of racing, please drop us a line on our " Contact Us" page.

Congratulations to Chad Guilford & Team 24! They Grab win # 6 & Win the 2014 CARC Championship!

Congratulations to Jaime Bubak & Team 12 on Winning the 2014 CNS Track Championship!

Congratulations to Jaime Bubak, Team 12, J.A.T. Trucking, Sids Automotive & Denver West Towing for winning the 2014 CNS Track Championship! Job Well Done! Jaime is the First Woman to Win a Track Championship @ CNS!
Also, The CARC would like to Congratulate Jaime & her new Fiance Tyler (T.J). Tyler proposed to Jaime on Saturday!
Nice Job Jaime & Tyler & we wish you all the best!

Congratulations to Jason Bunt & Team 5 on Winning the 2014 CARC Rookie of the Year!

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Joe James Sr. Will Be Missed
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Kevin Tearney
The Newest CARC Life Time Member!
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 After the meeting with CNS management, they illustrated that the role of the CARC in active Modified Coupe racing
will change dramatically in 2015 and maybe beyond.
                           But rest assured...THE CARC WILL NOT DIE!!

The CARC will promote ALL MODIFIED COUPE racing in Colorado and Wyoming.  At this point NO Modified Coupe
 races are scheduled at I-25 Speedway in Pueblo or Hwy 92 Raceway in Gering, Nebraska.  The HPM has 4 tentative
 races scheduled at Big Country Speedway in Cheyenne that do not conflict with CNS dates.

xecutive Board


    CNS held at meeting on January 7, 2015 at Red & Jerry's
to discuss their plans on the CNS MODIFIED COUPES for 2015.
Attendance was good... with a lot of constructive inputs from
management and possible competitors. Jim Nordhougen,
John Witthar, Mark Rush, Greg Weatherwax and Colleen
Lyons-Cubides represented CNS. Key points of discussion were:

1. CNS will be responsible for conducting ALL aspects of CNS
    MODIFIED COUPE racing at CNS. This includes car registration,
car rules, car inspection , rules enforcement, race line-ups and payout.
CARC will have NO active involvement.

2. NO CARC membership is required to compete at CNS. However,
 CNS car number registration and a NASCAR license (driver and crew)
 will be required. (exact costs were unavailable).

3. The CNS Rule book is the final factor for all car rules. Until
 you see it in writing on the CNS website ...IT's NOT OFFICIAL.

4. CNS used the 2015 CARC Car Rules as a starting point for their rules.
They have made some changes already and expect more changes after
discussion at last night's meeting.

5. Some points of note on car rules.
    - CNS expects to keep the "Big Engine option" after 2015.
    - Car weights will be PRE-RACE and minor changes are expected
      - Crate Motor Option - 2000 lbs
      - Spec Motor Option - 2100 lbs
      - Big Motor Option - 2300 lbs (also expect a restrictor plate of some type TBD)
      - All options will have 56% max left-side weight
      - Gear rule will remain the same. Expect active enforcement of this.
      - The shock rule will be rewritten to more clearly address what is allowed
      - The "Tire Rule" will  go back to ONE new tire allowed for each race meet completed.
        John Wood from CARC volunteered to oversee  the tire rule as he did in 2014.

6.  That's the highlights. The CNS website is the ONLY place to get "OFFICIAL INFO"
Car Count is all important to CNS. A "good" car count is essential to keeping the 
current 9 race schedule.

CARC Executive Board

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The CARC Modified Coupes of 2014!



With 60+ years of CARC history out there, there is a lot of it that we don't have on the website and we would love to share it with our members and fans.  Please look over what's already on the site and go to your personal collections and take a look at what might be worth sharing (send us not your originals, but copies, also we can do the scanning/copying if you can't and will protect your valuable collections).  Please consider sharing this history with everyone!!  Contact Mike Wood at and we can figure out how to get it on the site!

Some of our CARC History
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