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  The Colorado Auto Racing Club - CARC would like to thank you for visiting our website and giving us the opportunity to bring our rich 70 year club history to you.  We take great pride in the  heritage of our organization and the strong racing family culture we have developed over all these years.  We look forward to making you and your family a part of ours and it’s unique Colorado racing heritage.   As part of the fastest growing spectator sport in the country we like to think that our long racing history strongly compliments motor sports in our fine state.   Please take a few minutes to review our History page.  We look forward to seeing you at the races and hope you will keep the CARC a part of Colorado's racing scene!  If we can answer any questions you might have about our unique style of racing, please drop us a line on our " Contact Us" page.
2017 Meeting & BCS Schedule


    The 2017 racing season is nearly here race fans. As previously announced, the "One-of-A- Kind" Modified Coupes will return to the 1/5 mile bullring  Big Country Speedway in 2017. The 5 race "2017 MOD COUPE CHALLENGE " presented by the Colorado Automobile Racing Club will kick off on June 17.  

   Much pre-race planning has already been done... including a GUARANTEED minimum purse per car of $150 (with CARC membership/car registration of $50). Additional individual club memberships will be available for $20 each. Incentives for repeat race attendance are also planned.  Several corporate sponsors including Steve's Transmission and The Block Shop are already on board... with several more in the discussion phase. The series race schedule is as follows:

 June 17......July 1......July 22......August 5......September 2

  New promoters have brought  renewed excitement  to Big Country Speedway and individual race trophies (quick time, dash, main event) will be provided by these new for 2017 promoters. A season point championship trophy will be provided by the CARC.

At this time, we have "firm" commitments from 7 mod coupes with at least 4 more in the discussion phase. The return of several longtime Mod Coupe competitors is expected.

 CARC Secretary



After a one year absence, the "One-of-a-kind" Modified Coupes will return
to the 1/5 mile Big Country Speedway in Cheyenne in 2017 for 5 races.
Tentative scheduled dates are:

June 17 ( in conjunction with the CVOR)
July 1
July 22
August 5
September 2

Specific organizational details are still in the early planning stage.
At this point, this is an unaffiliated "OPEN COMPETITION" class.
However, the Colorado Automobile Racing Club will be coordinating
with racers, track management and potential sponsors to provide the
best show possible for fans &racers.

Questions/comments should be directed to
Bob Land at 303-781-4067 or


   Look for coming changes to A majority of the individuals responsible for this website have agreed to give it more of a historical flavor in order to maintain the rich history of this organization. We will report on any events as they are available, but the main focus will be to have a location for the clubs history.  We welcome any ideas/information/stories and or pictures that you may have in your personal care for sharing on the website.  If you have any questions please contact Mike Wood at  Thanks, Mike
CARC in the 40's

#8 Jack Smith
Story By Paul Bredenberg
    An interesting short story. Last spring, a man named Jack Smith, Jr. called me from California, saying he is the son of the late Jack Smith who raced with the CARC from 1946 to 1951. He was also CARC President in '50 and '51. Jack, Jr. and his nephew, also named Jack Smith, were interested in his Dad's racing, so I dug up everything I had on Jack Sr. and asked some of the remaining old timers what they remembered. I put together a packet of pictures and program notes mentioning Jack. He was so grateful that I decided to build a model of the car to send to him. I got the car done in late summer but didn't get around to getting the decals finalized and printed until December. I sent him the model and received back a wonderful thank you card from his wife, Cynthia, telling me that Jack had died in September. She said that the model would be preserved as a family heirloom. Sad to receive that bit of information, but still glad to have honored this man's memory and contribution to local racing.

A tribute to Pat Fogarty 1957, 58 & 59 CARC!

A note from Tim Fogarty, Pat's son;
This is were it began . 1957 My dad and Don Wilson were best of friends . Thats my dad in the middle . My dad bought this car from Don at the end of 57.

Born August 4th 1930 . Died July 23rd 2015. Sargent in the marine corps served 18 months active duty in Korea . Machinist by trade . !

Married my Mom Mary Jane, January 1952

 My Dad was always proud to talk about his racing days . He wasn't one of the real fast guys, but he always gave 100% for what he had !!!


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  Modified Coupes of 1980's & 1990's!



With 70+ years of CARC history out there, there is a lot of it that we don't have on the website and we would love to share it with our members and fans.  Please look over what's already on the site and go to your personal collections and take a look at what might be worth sharing (send us not your originals, but copies, also we can do the scanning/copying if you can't and will protect your valuable collections).  Please consider sharing this history with everyone!!  Contact Mike Wood at and we can figure out how to get it on the site!

Some of our CARC History
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